Healthy Connections is a wholistic modality practice based in Port Macquarie providing

  • Chiropractic Services
  • Whole Woman Education and Consultations with a Whole Woman Practitioner
  • Yoga

Jannelle has been a practising Doctor of Chiropractic for over 33 years with a continuing interest in modalities that help the innate intelligence of the body bring us back into alignment allowing us to express our full human potential, so we can truly be all we are meant to be.

Her passion to help others was ignited when she was 9 years old and her mother took her to the Chiropractor to see if he could help with the debilitating headaches she was experiencing, headaches her General Practitioner said was not a brain tumour and would disappear as she got older. She walked away from her first adjustment with no headache realising the power of natural hands on therapy. She always knew this was her path and at 16 years old experiencing the death of her mother let down by a medical system that was unable to help her, this passion for natural health care was anchored into her being.

At 19 she went to university to complete a Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Anatomy at the University of N.S.W. And then a further 5 years of Chiropractic study in Melbourne to obtain her Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Chiropractic. After working locum positions for 18months she came to Port Macquarie to do the same and stayed establishing the practice that is now Healthy Connections. At 58 she decided to deepen her knowledge of Yogic philosophy and Yoga and undertook and completed her Hatha Yoga teacher training. This led her to develop an interest in the Whole Woman Paradigm of Posture and Pelvic Organ support and she completed her Whole Woman Practitioner certification in 2016.

The modalities of Chiropractic, Yoga and Whole Woman allow her to work in a way that truly honours the unique individuality and sacredness of each client in a way that is gentle, nourishing, nurturing and effective.

Healthy Connections is an established Wholistic Chiropractic Centre in Port Macquarie using a gentle, safe instrument technique of adjustment - Torque Release Technique. This is the most up to date 21st century chiropractic technique available for all ages.

How does Chiropractic Work?

  • Your body has been designed to return you to optimal health.
  • This return to balance and optimal health is co-ordinated by your nervous system.
  • For your nervous system to function optimally your spine must function optimally.
  • All the stresses we experience in our lives, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual are all processed in our nervous system - when this doesn't happen it leads to an abnormal functioning of your spine which may be experienced as restriction and pain resulting in dis-ease.
  • This is what a Chiropractor calls a Subluxation.
  • The adjustment given by a Chiropractor with the Integrator instrument using Torque Release Technique improves spinal movement and function by reducing the Subluxations.
  • These adjustments allow your nervous system to function the best it can, without interference, leading to healing and allowing you to express the best of who you are, your greater sense of self.

For Chiropractic Consultations and Treatment please contact

  • Phone 02 6583 1934

Jannelle became a Whole Woman Practitioner in 2016 after studying intensely and travelling to the United States to complete her training with Whole Woman Founder Christine Kent.
Christine Kent developed the Whole Woman work in response to a profound uterine prolapse after surgical intervention.
Her first book Saving the Whole Woman, followed by Save Your Hips and a large body of scientifically researched work to support the Whole Woman Paradigm was developed.
Christine has trained Whole Woman Practitioners around the world to educate women about the true story of their anatomy, to restore their natural balance, beauty and postural alignment, empowering them to take responsibility and make informed decisions regarding their own health with particular regard to pelvic organ prolapse, bladder and hip problems whilst leading a quality lifestyle.

Jannelle is available for one on one private Whole Woman Consultations to educate you so you are able to make an informed decision about the options available to you whilst dealing with these conditions. Small group consultations are also available.
For information about Whole Woman Consultations please contact

Within Jannelle's Yoga class you will be immersed in a complete space of harmony and heart during which time she will mindfully lead you through postures which will open and return your body to balance.
She will integrate exercises developed by Christine Kent, Whole Woman Yoga (TM) with Hatha Yoga to further support women returning to a stabilised posture of natural empowerment.

For information about availability and times of Yoga classes please contact

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